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About Massage

The roots of massage lie 5000 years ago when it began as a sacred system of healing. Massage was used to help heal and prevent injuries & illness, relieve pain, reduce stress and produce deep relaxation.

Massage is recognised as a valuable part of complementary medicine, informed by both modern science and development of techniques over thousands of years.

Massage is a gentle, soothing yet powerful therapy which can induce deep relaxation and allow time away from the busy and demanding stresses and strains of everyday life.  I believe it is important to find time and space each day to relax and either switch off from  those pressures or re-direct focus to something different and pleasant. Having a massage creates the  perfect environment for this, allowing tension to melt away.


Massage can help improve the function of all systems in the body such as:

  • Stimulates the Lymphatic system, removing toxins and eliminating pathogens so improving immunity. 
  • The Nervous system benefits from calming touch re-enabling functions, such as digestion, that may have been inhibited by stress.
  • Applying massage to the muscles encourages their relaxation; relieving tight, tense muscles and easing pain. The micro-circulation is improved, bringing nutrients to the muscle and removing waste which improves function & performance and aids recovery.
  • Specific Remedial Massage is the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and chronic pain helping to reduce pain; improve mobility and promote healing and recovery.

It can also help to relieve many stress related symptoms including: High Blood Pressure, Sleep Problems, Headaches, Anxiety and Depression.


About Me


I first started training as a massage therapist seven years ago when I really felt I had more to give than just sitting in an office with life passing me by.


I have always used massage as my Mum was disabled as a small child and has a lot of pain and circulation problems. She would ask me to rub her back or her legs and used to say I have magic hands- I thought it was just my Mum, saying what Mums say!


Then, I decided to see if there was something in it and have been amazed through my training and through my practice at the profound, beneficial physiological and psychological effects massage has.  Now clients have said to me that I have magic hands and it makes the re-training and starting something new completely worth it!

My practice  is evolving as I continue to study  the body and its response to all varieties of stress and trauma. I have gone on to qualify  in Remedial Massage, Hot Stone Massage and continue to study Myofascial Release whilst integrating it into my treatments.


The wonderful thing about massage is that it not only works on a physical/physiological level but  also creates a calm, safe space for thoughts and emotions to surface and process,  benefitting the whole being.

Through  massage and bodywork I am able to help and support my clients to maintain or return to an active life with increased mobility and reduced pain. My aim is  for every treatment to be as relaxing as possible whilst addressing individual needs from chronic pain and injury throught rest and easing stress and tension.

Massage is particularly powerful in helping to restore the connection between body and mind. It works by increasing awareness of the parts of the body which are causing you pain. You then begin to realise, in everyday life, the things you are doing which causes that pain or makes it worse, for example your posture whilst sitting at a desk. You can then begin to make small changes that will help relieve the stress on the body which might be causing the pain.

At your first appointment I conduct a full conslation including medical history to determine your requirements. We will agree a course of action, whether it be a calm, relaxing  massage to promote general well being or a series of sessions to address a particular condition. At the beginning of subsequent treatments we will have an opportunity to reflect and update and in cases where more than one session is agreed to work with a specific matter, progress will bebe continually reviewed.



Remedial Massage Diploma 

Swedish Massage Diploma

Ultimate Bodyworker Diploma

Hot Stones Massage

Foundation and Intermediate Myofascial Release

Anatomy & Physiology


Licensed to pratice by the British Complementary Medicine Association

Member of the APNT

Professional Member of CThA


If you would like to know more about Massage and Bodywork & the benefits, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Call or text me on:

07875 691613


Or use the contact form.

Appointments are available at ENHC:

Tuesday & Thursday from 2pm and Saturdays

Other days, times and locations may be arranged to suit specifc client needs.

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