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Thoughts of a Massage Therapist


I have started a new blog on this website to share my thoughts, ideas and questions about massage therapy.  It's also an opportunity for you to comment and share your thoughts too and perhaps generate some discussion.


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Massage to keep you well through Winter


The nights are drawing in and whilst the weather is still mild for the time of year the effects of reduced daylight and other seasonal pressures start to take their toll on your body. The immune system battles with colds, viruses and bugs, some of us may notice a change in our mood as we have less daylight and warmth and the stresses and strains of everyday life continue.


It's important to look after your health, body and mind. Massage helps relieve stress and eliminate toxins boosting the immune system helping you ward off nasty bugs! It also helps you prepare for and recover from sport and exercise reducing the chance of injury especially through the colder months.


Massage and Exercise

Massage has a profound effect upon the muscular system and other body systems which improves performance and training.


Muscle tension can arise from overuse and repetitive movements often seen in fitness training. It can build up very slowly and may not be noticed for some time until it reaches critical level where it becomes an injury. Intervention with massage at an early stage can prevent this injury from occurring- Prevention is always better than cure!


Muscle tension restricts the blood supply to the muscle tissue meaning their performance is inhibited. Tense muscles consume energy for no reason which is tiring.

Tense muscle tissue does not move easily, restricting range of movement and the ability to train further


Massage works directly on the muscle tissue and can improve performance in the following ways:


1.       Calming touch is received by mechanoreceptors in the muscle tissue. This calming sensation is sent to the central nervous system which in turn sends messages back to the tissues to relax. Some muscle tension can be relieved quickly and easily.


2.       Massage increases the blood supply to the muscle and works on the micro-circulation. As blood is flushed through the muscle tissue, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to areas that have been starved of it and toxins and metabolic waste are removed improving function, performance and aiding recovery.


3.       Manual manipulation of the muscles helps to realign the muscle fibres enabling them to move easily alongside each other, improving muscle performance.


4.       Training causes small tears to muscle tissue; increased circulation and manipulation of the tissue allows the tears to heal well and swiftly and keeps the muscle mobile.


5.       Larger tears to muscles such as strains cause scar tissue which is inflexible and inhibits muscle movement. Deep strokes applied after the acute phase of injury can help break fibrous scar tissue down and allow the muscle to heal well.


6.       An injured muscle cannot work properly so the muscles around it take on extra work to compensate- this causes overuse and results in them becoming tight. Massage helps to relieve this tension enabling an holistic recovery from injury.


Massage also works on other body systems:


· Stimulates the Lymphatic System,  removing toxins and eliminating  pathogens,  improving immunity and reducing the chance of illness which disrupts a training regime.


· The nervous system benefits from calming stimulus,  re-enabling functions, such as digestion, which improves nourishment- essential for training. 


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