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"I approached Sarah as I know she has various skills and I wasn’t sure what I needed to help a shoulder injury I have had for 7 years.
She advised to come and see her and we could work together on doing some treatments and see what would work best.


For the first time in 7 years I am ache and pain free!

I was sceptical that anything would actually help because I have tried so many different approaches but Sarah incorporates everything she knows and tailors each treatment and I have had the best experience and outcome from it.

Sarah is very approachable and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. She has given we some really good home care advice which has been easy to follow and very beneficial. 
I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough."

Lucy- December 2017

"As a retired physical therapist, it is very difficult to find a therapist who satisfies my expectations if I need to seek help myself. Sarah far exceeds my expectations. She has a gentle, caring demeanour creating a healing atmosphere. She has a deep understanding of the body and is accomplished in many techniques with which to treat any problems I have presented her with.
She adapts her treatment to a specific problem giving excellent results.
I recently had a shoulder problem which was keeping me awake at night. After an hour's treatment, I enjoyed the best night's sleep in ages, and the good effects lasted.
Good massage is hard work for the therapist and Sarah really works hard to effect the desired result - comfort for the patient.
My only regret is that I now live 90 miles away from Sarah's practice!"

Anne Varcoe- December 2017


"What a difference a visit to Sarah made.  I twisted my back moving a roll of carpet & it was very painful in both my back & side.  Sarah managed to fit me in promptly & the relief was instant.  I almost didn’t book a follow up appointment but was glad I did as I am now completely pain free.  Whilst I was there Sarah also helped with a nagging pain in my left thumb that I had had for some time which has helped enormously."

Bryan Redstone- December 2017

"Sarah's approach is both professional and caring.  She takes time to listen as you describe your symptoms and then delivers an appropriate treatment in her massage, creating a calm atmosphere.  Whilst finding her remedial treatment effective at relieving my symptoms it is also a very pleasant and relaxing experience.  With her help I am now able again to tackle longer walks without discomfort.  Highly recommended!"  Jim- November 2017

"Excellent, dedicated and knowledgeable therapist. Sarah is friendly, down to earth and puts you at ease. Has been a great help with problems I have in my lower back and shoulders. Also provides great advice, suggesting exercises and stretches, to further help me with any problem areas in my back between sessions."

Karen Sampson- January 2017

"I had a very stiff shoulder days before I was going surfing...I needed to loosen it up and Sarah was more than happy to help... she even came in on a day off to help me out! She worked wonders and I had a great weekend in the surf! 
She is a dedicated, committed and very talented lady. 
Huge thanks Sarah."

Josh Newstead- August 2016

“Sarah, your massages are wonderful and are making a big difference to my well-being and quality of life– thank you!” Roy Powell- 2015

“Sarah is clear and confident as a massage therapist and she tunes into my needs. She is very approachable and she always listens actively during my consultations which makes me feel really relaxed and comfortable with her. Sarah is conscientious throughout the treatments and I feel that it is really good value for money. I enjoy the treatments with Sarah as it is a chance for me to relax and switch off from everyday stresses and I really feel the benefit from the deep tissue work on my upper back and shoulders. I would definitely recommend her.” Lou Jocelyn

“Sarah instantly puts you at ease with her relaxed and friendly manner. Her detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology constantly informs her work and she provides incredibly effective and highly therapeutic massages that target every knot and area of tension and pain, with fantastic results! She intuitively homes in on problem areas and her interest is always to find and treat the root of a problem, not just the symptoms. After every massage from Sarah I feel relaxed and tension free, my body renewed.” Sonja Breach

“I love Sarah's massage! She finds the areas of tension with remarkable speed and works her magic on them leaving me feeling restored and renewed.” Patrick

“I feel so lucky to have Sarah’s skilful hands on board here at Dorset Massage!  Her knowledgeable and intuitive touch, thoughtful approach and delightful manner see clients returning to see her again and again.  Her straightforward attitude and warmth make her a pleasure to work with too. I have no doubt she has a bright career ahead of her as a therapist and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly.” Belinda Silcox- Dorset Massage

"During her time of study Sarah was enormously conscientious; her standard of client care and massage is higher than any other student I have trained. I know she will make a great therapist."

Emma Gilmore, School of Bodywork 

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